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Morecambe To Sparkle Again In The New Year

Residents and visitors to Morecambe will be in for an illuminated treat over the next few weeks, as Morecambe will be lit up with extra seasonal lighting from 22 December.

The Lancaster Guardian reports that the light installations will include 24 new programmable Christmas cones, as well as prominent Morecambe buildings being lit up at night, as well as some public realm features in the coastal town.

The illuminations are part of the Morecambe Business Improvement District (BID) Sparkle, in collaboration with the Welcome Back Fund and Lancashire County Council.

Morecambe BID, along with its partners, was granted an opportunity earlier this year to bid into a pot of money by Lancashire County Council to bring the illuminations back to the town. While the bid document is still being drawn up, and feasibility studies need to be conducted, Morecambe BID decided to bring back the lights in the new year for a preview of what is to come.

Morecambe was one of the first towns to introduce illuminations and ran from 1919 until 1996 when they were axed in budget cuts and due to safety issues.

While the Lancashire seaside town’s illuminations can’t compete with the world-famous illuminations down the North West coast in Blackpool, Morecambe is not intending to and ordering a much subtler interpretation, which Morecambe BID believe was reflected in 2020’s Morecambe Sparkle.

Morecambe residents have been washed over by nostalgia for the lights, and there has been genuine demand for a light show in the town over the winter season.

Alongside streets illuminated by icicle festoons and bright space flower designs, the Winter Gardens, Hitchens, B&M Bargains and the Midland hotel will also be lit illuminated by the BID scheme.

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